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Mini portable microphone for smartphone and computer

Mini portable microphone for smartphone and computer

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Diaphragm: S-Mall

Brand Name: other

Style: Handheld Microphone

Package: No

Set Type: Single Microphone

Polar Patterns: Omnidirectional

Transducer: Condenser Microphone

Use: Karaoke Microphone

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: NONE

Choice: yes


3.5 dual channel plug, similar to a regular MP3/4 computerheadphone, suitable for any computer model.

360, noise resistant, high standard capacitance micro-phone core, suitable for use in computer recording equipment.

The perfect surface spray leather processing technologyfeels more upscale.

Integrated design technology with tensile audio cable andmicro tube body.


Total length:5.5CM

Linelength:1.5 meters

Color:Metal color

Directivity:360°omnidirectional recording

Frequency response:40-16500Hz

Sensitivity Reduction:-36dB/Pa +3

40-16500HzFrequency response

Sensitivity Reduction -36dB/Pa +3


1.Only Apple phones have monitoring effects (i.e., listeningto one's own voice while singing).Android phones can onlyrecord and replay their own voice to hear it, because theAndroid operating system does not support this feature2.Computers and laptops can only be used for short conversations with friends during video chats.


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